Machines and films for packaging

Welcome to our web presentations of machines packing machines sold by Gausi. We provide the following solutions for your packing needs: single packing, dosing systems, sealing and group packing products, machines for pallet wrapping, thermo shrinking machines, vacuum machines…

We can help you find the best solutions for your particular packing requirements such as: vacuum packing, horizontal, vertical packing, thermo shrinking, pallet wrapping, thermo sealing, packing with inert gas, manual, semi-automatic, automatic packing.

We can also help you choose the best ambalage film, PVC film, thermo-shrinking film, Polyolefin film, Stretch film, duplex and triplex film. Also in our company you can find tape for packing, printing tape with your logo, other special kinds of tape, duplofan tape etc.

We have developed a network of reliable and reputable manufacturers of equipment and materials that provide quality equipment and service.

In our offer you can find: Machines for thermo shrinking packing, sealers, thermo tunnels, semi-automatic machine for dosing, vacuum machines, pallet wrapper machines, automatic machine for packing with longitudinal seal, automatic machine for vertical packing, flow pack machines, machines for packing in bags, machines for making bags, labeling, measurement products, dosing granular products, dosing of liquid products, fillers, sealers, weighers and dozers, sealers for tube, impulse sealers, heat sealers, continuous band , packing in trays with inert gas...

We offer machines from these manufacturer: SMIPACK, Audion, Prefferedd pack, ITALDIBIPACK, Valko, Techno D, Imballaggi, Ravizza, Lorapack, Italpack, Gandus, Tlm, SA-packaging, Comipak … We also offer high quality films for packaging from Bollore Oxygen srl and Motoplast. We are looking forward to helping you find the best solution for all your packaging needs.




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