Pallet wrapper Darwin

Eletronic printed circuit board for the management of the cycle
Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustment
Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment
Electromagnetic brake from the stretching of the film

Loading plate: 1500mm
Maximum wrapping high: 2250mm
Maximum dimensions of pallet: 800x1200mm
Maximum loading weight: 1200kg
Photocell for pallet hight detection
Safety stop at the base of the carriage
Stop at 0position
Storage of 32 end user programs
6 working cycles
Wrapping pallet counter
Adjustable parameters by the control panel: cycle selection, bottom turns, top turns, topsheet cycle parameters, rotation speed, carriage speed going up, carriage speed going down, film tension, strarting wrapping hight:

Technical data

Height 1381 mm
Width 1500 mm
Length 2805 mm
Turntable height 72 mm
Weight 450 kg
Power supply 230 VAC
Power absorption 0,75/1Kw

Main options

Power pre-stretch
Power pre-stretch auto cut off system
1650 mm turntable
1800 mm turntable
3000 mm max wrapping height
2000 kg max pallet weight
Remote control
Pit frame
Photocell for dark loads
Safety fences